Saturday, April 19, 2008

A little color goes a long way.

This is Susan's living room. She had a great space and some nice pieces of furniture. The problems she had were her sofas were to large for the room (which mostly just limited the arrangement of the room) and she had been a little nervous to add any color. Luckily everything in her room was in neutrals, beige and sage green.

The first thing that I did was arrange her pictures then add a table and some plants to the room. I really like to use the accessories and furniture that people already have in their homes. Susan had some great things, so our "need to buy" list was short. She needed a tall plant, a couple of lamps, and some COLOR!

One thing that Susan wanted in her room was the large copper star that hung on the wall. That was enough to get started. It was very easy to spice up this room. I bought 2 sets of curtain panels (one set in a beautiful rust color and the other set had a floral pattern) to add to the existing panels. My favorite thing about them is that they all hang from the rod in a different way. Next I added some pillows, a throw, a lamp shade, and some candles all in the copper color. I put a tree in the corner, tweak a few things and "Ta da!" A living room that is warm and inviting.

I decorated Susan's living room for an enrichment mini-class and I had about 4 days from start to finish. I had 2 days of shopping and 2 hours before the class to put it all together. Because of the quick time frame I had to work with, there are still a few unfinished details, such as the length of the drapes and maybe a few more pillows. Even with this and that still left to do, I think that it looks great! I loved working on this project, it is one of my favorites. Thank you Susan, for hosting our class and for being so trusting of me.