Monday, October 20, 2008

Cortnee's Room

I did a paint job on Friday that I was really looking forward to because it was going to be so fun and different. I should probably wait to post the finished project with the curtains, pillows and bed spread but I can't wait. When we get it completed I will update this post.

I sat down with Courtney and got an idea of what she was wanting in her room. The colors she wanted were a lime green and black. Sounds a little crazy? Not for a teenager. I knew that it would look very cool and it looks even better than I had imagined

She had some green fabric that they were going to make a bed spread out of. And she had a lamp that they had found that was covered in black dangling circles. That is were it all came from. The balance of interest is perfect in this room. The green color makes the lower half of the wall feel heavy. The giant circles on the top gives the same feeling because of the size and color. The racing stripes makes a great separation of the two and adds an element that is light to contrasts the green color and black circles. I think that it looks awesome. I am very excited to see it all put together in the end. Come back to see the finished room when we get it all done.

I forgot to mention that I made the far out suggestion of painting the new base boards black, totally not expecting them to do it and they did. New wood floors with black floor boards. Way to be brave Marc and Judy!

It is done and it looks awesome!
Those are milks favorite pillows.