Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canning Jars

I love canning. I especially love canning the the yummy tomatoes that my husband grows in our garden. I love to see my beautiful jars all lined up on my shelves. I get a little tingle inside.

When people find out that I am into canning they start to give me stuff, ie. fruit, jars, more fruit. (when you give me fruit I always give you some back in the form of jam ;)
So, I have a lot of extra jars that I don't use but I can't seam to bring myself to get rid of because I might need them.
Today I am so glad that I kept them because I found the perfect solution to an organization problem that I am having in my sewing room. Watch this video. The project that I am most excited about is the last one in the segment.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Do you love wreaths?
I love wreaths. A Lot. I have only one wreath because I don't have the space to store a bunch of wreaths. Sad for me.
If I could justify throwing out the things that we need to make room for wreaths I would. Lucky for my family I am responsible.
For now I have a beautiful Christmas wreath and that will have to do.
The nester is having a awesome wreath link party. These wreaths are amazing. Some of them are made from trash but you would never know it.
Head over there and check it out.

These are a few of my favorites. The eye ball wreath for Halloween is adorable.
The balloon wreath I've seen a lot but I never get tired of it. Love it.
The wreath made of canning jar lids should be hanging on my door right now since I feel like that is all I do these days.
The rosette wreath, just made from paper I think is so pretty. I would really like to try to make one some day.
There are 188 more were these came from.
Click here to see them all.