Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Little DIY

Here are a few little projects that I am itching to try.

I want so badly to make all of these awesome creations.
Some day soon, I hope.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Color Me Crazy

I was poking around the Nate Berkus Show website and found THIS VIDEO.

I thought that this was an interesting way to help this couple choose the color pallet for their bed room.

It made me ask myself the question, What is the purpose of my bedroom ?

Right now my bed room is where we sort the laundry, the kids watch movies, I pile things that I don't know where else to put them, wrap gifts, change diapers, wrestle the kids, and oh yah, we sleep in there too.

I have never really decorated our bedroom. I have never really made it a priority. I have always just shut the door when people come to visit.

I would like our bedroom to be beautiful, tranquil, relaxing, maybe even romantic. I think that it should be a place without toys, kids, or crumbs.

That is why I liked this little game they played. It helped them to find a color pallet that meant something to them as a couple. Happy sweet memories. That is what we should all have in our bedrooms.

In case you missed the question that Nate asked and want to give this a try here they are.

1. What color does your wife look the best in?
2. What color was she wearing when you first met?
3. What color was your husbands childhood bedroom?
4. What color does your husband look the hottest in?

Once you get your four colors you could go to the paint store and look trough the idea samples where they put together color pallets and find the sample that has your colors in it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kids Craft Room

If you REALLY love your children you would build them this craft room.
Just kidding.

Seriously though, this is amazing. I would give my left pinkie toe for a corner of this craft room. I it was mine I can guaranty that my kids would be aloud in it.

Take the whole tour at Living Locurto.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's your style?

I found a new blog today.

This woman Sarah was talking about having Multiple Design Personality Disorder. I was so glad to find this post because I too am plagued with MDPD.

The good thing about this disorder is that it makes it easy to help other people create their style for their home. The bad thing is that it makes it near torture for me to decorate my own home.

Take this quiz from Nate Burkus and see if you have a style or MDPD.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Amazing house makeover

I stumbled upon this blog. They have a little tour of the make over they gave their house. It is very impressive. Check it out. Young House Love.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My latest project

My latest project is coming along nicely.

He is 10 months old, walking all over, nearly 10 teeth, and leaves a trail of destruction every were he goes.
He is so cute. He gives the best sweet baby hugs, does most everything with his tongue out, and thinks that his sister is the funniest person on earth. He is a bright little joy in our family.
He is apparently allergic to sleeping. So, I am so tired. I am starting to see signs of the sleeping getting better so I hope that I can get back to work soon.

Keep creating your beautiful home. There is no better way to melt off the winter grays then to give your home a warm makeover. Throw in some new pillows, find some new accessories that you love or go crazy and repaint!

Make it you!
Love Elizabeth