Monday, March 14, 2011

A place for my ribbon

I have had some problems. One problem was that I had a box full of ribbon that would unravel and tangle up ever time I looked through it. The other problem was that I had this box that was left in the basement of the house when we bought it. I had tried to use it for many things and it was just always in the way. Two of the many "what do I do with all my junk" problems.

One day I was reading one of my new favorite blogs, Blue Cricket Design, when I noticed on her side bar that she had a ribbon organizer made out of a drawer. A little light went on in my head. That is what I could do with that box!

I painted the box with the leftover paint from my kitchen. Spray primer and then two coats of paint.

I decoupaged the scrapbook paper to the back of the box. I left a border of about 2 inches showing around the edges. I loved this paper with the chandeliers. I bought it hoping to find something awesome to do with it and was very excited to use it for this organizer. I think that it looks sweet!

On one end there are holes that I drilled for the dowels to pull through so that you can put the ribbon on. I covered the holes with little chipboard shapes and nailed them at the top so that I could spin it out of the way of the hole when I need to add a ribbon.

I love that the jars I keep my ribbon scraps in fit perfectly on the top and bottom.

All that I had to buy for this project was the dowels and a sheet of scrapbook paper to match the paper that I already had at home. Total about $3.

I love everything about my ribbon organizer. Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!

If you would like to see where I got my inspiration go here. She has a lot of great ideas.

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Tori said...

I Love It Liz! Very crafty. Very nice.